Fully automatic testing device for electronic torque / angle wrenches with gyroscopic angle measurement.

Performance characteristics

› Test range (2 - 1000) N · m / 360 ° angle of rotation
› Accuracy class: 0.2 (torque)
› Repeat accuracy: angle of rotation 0.01 °
› Tool length test item (136-1590) mm
› Test program according to DIN EN ISO 6789 & based on VDI / VDE 2648
› Table can be swiveled by 90° for examination of gravitation
› Travel speed (0 - 60) ° / second
› Industrial PC with 19" touch panel monitor
› Interface for tool communication
› Database software


Industrial PC with Microsoft Windows ™ 64-bit operating system

Camera Support

Camera for fading in the tool display in the monitor image


19" touch panel monitor for clear visualization


Integrated interface for seamless tool communication

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